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Producer Class: Laptops.  Form: Tablet Brand: IPad Items: 3G / Wifi, 16 GB, silver color.  Life Cycle-Growth Stage It is in this stage, Apple iPad deals because its sales have risen when a new launch was made, Apple sold 3 million units in 3 days- between March 16 and 18, 2012- (Source: E-Trade on March 20, 2012) in previous years as in 2010 sold one million units in that same figure a month and approximately obtained it in a week for 2011. Also, new competitors have entered the market as an attractive result of sales and utilities such as HP TouchPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, BlackBerry PlayBook, AOC Breeze, Sony Tablet, etc.  He also wants to maintain this growth trend since he has improved the characteristics of his products these Ipads (Ipad2) are thinner, have higher speed, 512 MB RAM, the loudest sound, etc. (Source: Strategy for  Apple's product mix Expansion Strategy: since Apple has with this product it has increased its product lines with those it already has: iPhone, iPod, etc.


 Brand Recommendations It has a short name, it is easy to remember.  Pronunciation, the ease of confusing the names iPad and iPod, given its similar pronunciation in English, iPad deals Well in Latin America you would not have that problem.  It is not generic since the brand name is not a tablet.  Serlata the advantages of the product, we all know that iPad is from Apple, which offers quality products We still do not know if it can be declined, the iPad is general for the entire market, there are no iPad too (if it were in Spanish) as children  It is recordable, no problems have been found if IPad has other meanings in other countries, although for many Americans, the first meaning of the word lead is "hygienic towel", the translation being "iPad"

In the late 90s, Apple suffered one of the worst crises in its history.  The products they launched did not fit with their respective market niches and were losing their share at an unsustainable rate.  That is why, in 1997, Steve Jobs returned to Apple to try not to disappear Until that time, Apple had a wide range of products that included personal computers, printers, digital cameras, and game consoles.  


However, Jobs believed they were not on the right track and decided to launch a new product strategy.  What he did was apply "The approach" as business philosophy, that is, start selling only products that nobody could do better than them and eliminate the rest.  At that time, Apple stood out above the rest with two products: personal computers and software (especially the operating system).  Therefore, their focus was on them.  In the case of computers, Jobs drew a matrix to help the consumer, those who create the products and those who have to sell them, to understand which one is the most suitable computer.  With respect to the second product, Apple was a company that was more focused on hardware, but they had to work to make it a company that stands out for the software, innovative, easy to use exclusive of Mac. With this idea, they began to develop a system operating and different applications (iMovie, iPhoto, Safari, iTunes, Aperture, etc) that made customers choose a Mac over a PC They started with the Apple 1eque computer that was modified and adding tools that distinguished it from the rest.  Thus came Apple I1, Lisa, Macintosh.  To then improve and get to launch the iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, among others, However, Steve Jobs noted that the market for digital music playback devices almost inexistent It is in 2001, that the iPod was created, a music player that reinforced the brand's positioning. Apple iPad deals device integrates hardware and software at the same time, with its complete music purchase, management, and playback system.  This device caused a sensation in the public, and this incentive to continue innovating with the iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPod mini, iPod, touch.  I achieve such success that only four years after its launch, it already represented 40% of Apple's turnover. The digital era was advancing, and mobile phones were increasingly charging.

reaching its maturity stage, therefore, a mobile phone capable of managing and playing music was created as it was for the iPod.  Thus, in 2007, Steve Jobs launched the iPhone to deserved.  With its multitouch technology, its size, and its iOS operating system, it managed to comply with Apple's rules: innovation, ease of use and exclusive.  Apple iPad deals product, revolutionized the deserved of mobile phones and continues to do it every time they launch a new iPhone to the market that manages to surpass the previous phone It should be noted that with the introduction of this device, applications (apps) that give value to  the platforms, From there arises App Store, a store with more than 700 thousand applications downloaded.  On the other hand, in 2007 a new product was also presented;  the Apple TV. A video device that connects to the consumer's television, and synchronizes with iTunes, over WiFi or a wired network.  In 2015, the fourth generation of Apple TV was launched with an App Store from which applications can be downloaded.  Then, it was time for notebooks, light, small and cheap computers, however, they were criticized because they used almost obsolete technology to achieve a lower price.  In 2010, Steve Jobs presented a new product that would be placed in a new category between a smartphone and a notebook: the tablets.


This product is the iPad, whose functions are similar to the rest of Apple's portable devices, although the screen is bigger and with more powerful hardware Finally, in 2015, the Apple Watch was introduced.  A smartwatch that already has 3 different versions: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition.  2. Direct and indirect product competitors The four most recognized products of Apple are the iPhone (smartphone), the iPad (tablet).  the Macbook (computer), and the Apple tv (tv).  Direct competitors: They are the companies that sell a product or service similar to that of our company.  Indirect Competitors: These are the companies that sell a different product or service.

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