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FLASH MEMORY: Now that we have gone over a few details concerning the motherboard, let's move on in our discussion and talk a little about processors can When should I upgrade my memory. perform numerous operations per second. computer's memory? Current The hard drive, on the other hand, is significantly slower to handle large amounts of information. This is One of the most cost add RAM. If you are using any computer MB where a high-speed RAM memory comes in to boost the computer's performance is to effective ways running Windows 95 or greater and have (megabytes) of more memory. Flash Memory deals If you will add or upgrade will show a visible improvement in performance, which includes less than 64 notice a performance improvement by adding MB, the computer faster application memory then the memory to 64 MB or 128 starts uptime.


Microsoft recommends the computer. Flash Memory deals For GB 128 MB minimum amount of memory for running Windows XP running today's computer software and operating system, 1- 2 on (gigabytes) of memory is better and more often you will see computer systems starting out at a minimum of 512 MB of memory. The memory used in older modules is used today. any available expansion Fos some motherboards, DIMM slot. Others may require a particular sequence based on the modules capacity. Check the computer's operating manual to determine the correct installation sequence for configuration. computers are 30 pins or 72 pins SIMMS, whereas, DIMM can be installed in the memory to be installed in a memory PLACEMENT OF THE MODULE: It is important and will only fit into it properly in only one direction. You want to place the RAM module to remember that RAM modules are keyed to fit the slot /socket. and will into it properly in only one direction only fit into the slot /socket gently and evenly, then apply firm but even pressure on both ends of the module until you feel or hear it click this could cause damage wrong way Once the place (they will usually snap into position when you seated the module) check manually to ensure you have secured inside a computer case it is important that you always wear or use antistatic device such as an antistatic wrist strap to ground yourself. components against the processor, order, push the locking tabs outward and the module will loosen and pop up a bit so you will be able to hew! never worked inside the computer case this Surgery, but it really isn't. Just remember that taking yourself and your system's components le: forcing upgrade You want to place the RAM module into place Flash Memory deals.


Do not force the module because 1f you have the module the to the delicate copper pins module has been seated properly, make sure that the tocking tabs are in but you need to the module completely. NOTE: When working This will protect your delicate ESD (electrostatic discharge) which could damage integrated circuits nodules are done in the reverse ras nodules, etc. Removing RAM to pull the in a straight, upward that wasn't so hard, was it? If you Gotion user to computers and nay sees like a sensitive case of brain are a new have the proper precautions to protect antistatic devices, being careful, never Components into slots or sockets, etc you will be able to continue to grow your systems with ease and as you do so, your confidence will GOING THINGS THE HARD DRIVEWAY:  Flash Memory deals, when should I upgrade my hard drive? Mell, the answer to that question the hard instant your favorite information from the Internet and store system, then you wilt find very quickly that your hard drive runs out the amount of information has almost reached the capacity of to download games, is when drive, If y0u are the type of person who likes download music or tons of it on your of storage The storage capacity of hard drives have to groan exponentially over the years, In the early 1000s, hard drives were around 1 GB or 5tightly greater Capacity rather quickLy capaciTies.

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