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Greetings. In this section of our Top Deals USA online store, you will find all the details about Home Theater discounts. You can visit this page every day for last-minute discount deals and more. Everything you need to know about Home Theater deals. The Home Theater products you will buy are under manufacturer's warranty. Companies with the largest shipping network in the United States will deliver your product to your address within a few days.

Introduction A working definition of a home theater could be stated as a television and video equipment designed to reproduce in the home the experience of being in a movie theater. The purpose of these instructions is to inform you how to build and assemble an entire home theater system, or at the very least help you understand and contract the process to a qualified builder. These instructions will provide categorized information pertaining to each component of a home theater along with photographs the help you along the way. In most all of higher-end homes built today, there is a dedicated entertainment room or theater in the home plans. This will help you increase the value of your home should you ever decide to sell, and provide enjoyment for your entire family for many years. These instructions will assume that the reader has some basic knowledge of stereo equipment and will research on their own for specific components to purchase for their home theater 1.1 Background The instructions will be separated into 3 parts consisting of Components, Installation/Placement of Those Components, and Mistakes to Avoid. Building a home theater does require a good amount of reading and research in the part selection Home Theater deals process.


These instructions will not cover the home theater component selection but will go over all the basic theater components needed for a theater to be operational and how these components are installed. Being familiar with basic home theater components will provide you with more than enough knowledge base to perform these steps with whatever home theater brands you choose. As with any other type of electronic device, there are different manufacturers and different qualities of Home Theater deals components. However, the basic concepts are followed by all manufacturers, so this set of instructions will apply to all manufacturers, no matter your brand choice. Figure I below is a picture of a typical base model home theater. Be sure to read through this entire instruction manual before proceeding to install any components.

Proper placement of the speakers in your home theater room is essential. It is much easier to install your audiaNideo enables n the connect meas During the construction phase of your home theater room It is ch easier to make any changes you would like to while your project is still be conceived on paper than while you are painting the walls. This is why it is important to have a specific plan ready to go before you start building Obtain a copy of the blueprint that illustrates the room to be used as your home theater from your contractor or bilder a Be sure to inchoate on the blueprint anything inside the walls that could obstruct or make hifcut pulling cables by or through, Things to include could be heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts, water pipes, etc. h Asa includes all electrical outlet locations. This way you will know where your television and receiver could possibly be placed when planning your theater room. Place all Home Theater deals speaker hookup locations as close as possible to the measurements in Figure 2 1 2 To use this method, first you have decided where to place your television and receiver, a. hen your seating area accordingly. This is because all of the angles used are in reference to your seating area Using the blueprints you obtained, place your television and receiver within a few feet of an electrical outlet location. This is so that the surge protector that protects all of your components will be able to reach the outlet. In addition, if you use an entertainment center, you will be able to run the power cords behind it and they will not be seen, Ideally, your seating should be as close as possible to 2 times the height of the television away This provides the proper viewing distance for all viewers. For example, a 48 television should be viewed from 8 feet away I After you have chosen your seating location, use Figure 2 to mark on the bare studs of the wall where you will place your speaker cable outlet locations Al angles use the center of the television as the 0 points An exception to this is the subwoofer.


Thes can be placed in many locations and be functional. A popular location is to place it in the comer of the room facing the wall, so the sound will reflect around the entire room If this is not possible, the location in Figure 2 is a very suitable location for this Home Theater deals component b. This method of placing the speaker outlets around the room using reference angles ensures that while viewing the television, the volumes of the speakers will not overpower one another hut will compliment each other Allow for ring Place outlets for multiple subwoofers and also fo the Len and Right Back Speakers (Lb and Rb in Fire 2) This way, even if we start with an S1 card sodden you can always upgrade oa7I or 7.2 Home Theater deals surround Mind system with ch work An of Walt cold call he placed on the op side of the division at the seeing angle as the fied subwoofer.

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In this tab of our Top Deals USA online store, you will find prices and product reviews of All Deals products. Discounted prices and more are included in our articles. If you feel that this task is too difficult for you, or that you don't have the technical expertise to perform the following tasks, this can be performed by most contractors or by home theater specialists. If you choose to perform these tasks on your own, the tools listed above in Section 1.2 will be sufficient to complete all jobs. All that is needed is to follow the subsequent steps 1. Using a 16 oz Claw Hammer, mount a single-gang outlet box at every speaker outlet television/projector location that you have marked on the studs. At the location you have determined to have the receiver, mount two triple gang boxes in the same manner that you have mounted all the other boxes. location and Mount these boxes at the same height above the floor as the electrical outlet boxes have been or will be mounted. This is to give the wall plates a look of uniformity when finished. When wall plates are at different heights on the same wall, it is easy to see and looks very unprofessional. The easiest way to prevent this is to mark a mounting point for all outlet boxes on the studs they are to be mounted with a cut piece of 2x4 to ensure are all mounted at the same height a. they 2. With a corded drill and a1" auger bit, drill a hole through the center of the studs in a path from the outlet box at the receiver location to all speaker outlet and television outlet locations. These holes should be drilled at approximately 8-12" above the top of the speaker outlet boxes. Under no circumstance can your speaker and data cables run any closer than 12 inches away parallel to any power cables running to electrical outlets. This can cause buzzing, static, and other interference to come through the sound in your Your speaker and data cables can cross power enables perpendicular without any problems, however. If running your speaker cables at the distance of 12" above the speaker outlets brings them within I foot of any power cables in the wall, you can run them below the speaker outlets instead, or any other spot that keeps them away from the speaker setup. power cables An optional, albeit expensive option is to install conduit running from every speaker outlet box back to the receiver outlet box. This is to make it easier to upgrade your cables should it ever become necessary for you to do so. 3. This is performed easiest by using plastic, or PVC conduit Using your conduit heater heat the pine so that you can fit it inside the studs and bend it to attach it to each speaker box running to the receiver outlet box. This will allow you to easily install and upgrade cables if needed I Be sure that you are in a well-ventilated area while performing the conduit bending and fitting procedures. Fumes from heated PVC, as well as from PVC glue and cleaner can be toxic and detrimental to your health. Take all others

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