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Computers are constantly in an evolutionary keep up with. At some point, PC Upgrade deals computer components to keep up with the demand of the user will be stored and processed by the existing to newer you will be able to do the Identify the system. Identify stage that is almost exhausting to the upgraded system must be with various and the massive amount of information that computer. Upgrading is necessary to shift resources technologies thus, increasing features. After completing this tutorial following: issues that must be considered before upgrading you compute how and when to upgrade system components.


THE MOTHERBOARD: Probably the most Without the motherboard, the components would be nothing but expensive paperweights computer system because The motherboard is referred to by many names: The system board, main the proper name the planar board. PC Upgrade deals The motherboard contains numerous components including the chipset. which control essential functions inside the key COmponents of a motherboard are the (North /South Bridge or memory and I/0 important component of a computer system is the motherboard. for the most part The motherboard is basically the heart and soul of any computers would not exist without it. board, and computer. The CPU socket/ slot. BIOS-ROM chip, Chipset controller hubs), Expansion slots. and Memory Modules) or DIMMs (Dual Inline Memory Modules). of the computer, and is SIMMS (Single Intine Memory area The motherboard directly interacts with other components responsible for the stability. feature support, expandability and upgrading ability of the motherboard em to a maximum extent. PC Upgrade deals No matter what upgrade you consider any FIRST It must be checked supports latest processor and hard into consideration whether the motherboard must be taken supports additional memory and whether it drives the most important question you need to ask yourself first is does it have the spare slot for the upgrade?


You might be asking yourself when do I need to upgrade my motherboard? A motherboard access memory) dramatically improves the system's performance. Your existing computer's motherboard needs to upgrade A high-end processor and the current motherboard does not support it. along with a high-speed processor and a good amount of RAM (random when you want:

PC Upgrade deals = performance RDRAM. 2. Processor- A modern system should use a socket 2) cache and with 3. Processor Sockets /Slots- socket-type processors should Socket 754 for abundantly in use 4. SIMM/DIMM memory- Motherboards should support either standard or DDR data rate) DIMMS that contain DDR SDRAM, or RDRAM (Rambus dynamic random access memory) respectively. SIMMS is old fashioned by today's standards, 5. Bus Type- Latest motherboards architecture) bus component interconnect) computer then you should choose a chipset that supports DDR SDRAM or based processor with an L2 (level the highest speed CPU bus (FSB or front-side bus). In order to get good performance of the system, be preferred against slot based processor Athlon 64, Socket 478 for Pentium 4 and Celeron processors are today types. Socket 939 and SDRAM (synchronous dynamic (double random access memory), PC Upgrade deals so any boards that use them should be avoided. are not incorporating ISA (industry standard using bus slots. slots, instead of local more PCI (peripheral one to five or 6 Form Factor- Mini or baby ATX are commonly used form factors for personal computers, which can factors that mainly supported 7. Built-in interfaces- Motherboards should contain as many built-in standard controllers and interfaces standard in most motherboards onboard support Pentium 4 class processors, replacing the old AT form the 386 class processor.


As possible. Built-in sound card and video adapters are the in use today. This is also commonly referred to as capabilities. between cache memory and the Let us talk a bit about the motherboard. PC Upgrade deals the latest computers use a very small amount of very fast memory that is known as cache memory between the CPU and types of cache processors like Pentium III ImDtherboard are found in the most advanced processor-based systems. The performance of the cache memory is measured by how fast it can access the information. Running the memory at the same speed as the processor bus need to have a cache processor with integrated cache while chipping for maximum speed. relationship the main memory. In most (level computers, there are two found in the advanced memory available. L1 1) cache is and IV. The L2 (level 2) cache memory (optional) found on the reduces the memory on the motherboard. Some latest computers use some have to cache directly on the processor.

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