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Portable Speaker deals in 7.1 channel AV receiver graphical user interface; analog video upconversion, can connect an iPod iPhone directly via USB: Ethernet port; second The bad: One-year warranty (most support The bottom line: Pioneer VSX-1020-Kan excellent midrange AV receiver, although it's missing features excellent sound quality, six HDMI inputs; 3D compatible; zone functionality competitors offer two or more); no audio return channel doesn't support standby pass-through; no minijack input. Six HDMI inputs, easy iPod connectivity, and sweet sound quality make the some minor HDMI Samsung HT-C6500 The good: A 5.1 home theater system with built-in Blu-ray player; two HDMI inputs; outstanding sound quality for a home-theater-in-a-box system at this price range; Netflix, Vudu, Pandora streaming: built-in via network; 1GB onboard storage The bad: Portable Speaker deals No wireless rear speakers; requires a dongle for iPod built-in design; buttons on top of the player are inconvenient; last year's Samsung Blu-ray players had reliability issues.

The bottom line: The Samsung HT-C6500 packs outstanding sound quality, Blu-ray playback, and tons of features into an excellent home theater back Wi-Fi; plays music YouTube, and and pictures off a connected USB drive or videos connectivity, rather than a sleeker system, with only some design quirks holding it Sony HT-CT150 The good: Portable Speaker deals Three HDMI inputs; excellent sound quality for a soundbar home theater system: no AV receiver required: capable of switching between six devices. and is way Logitech Squeezebox Radio The good: Wi-Fi radio with built-in speaker and color LCD display; stylish exterior design and outstanding button radio stations: stream Amant on the front panel: can access thousands of freety available Internet Rhapsody. tons of online music services (Pandora, Last.fm, Slacker, Live Music Archive): provides access to PC-based music files (on Windows, Mac, and Sirius, Linux machines); support FLAC and stock options; can control the radio The bad: Portable Speaker deals Remote and battery pack nearly every digital audio file format, including lossless formats like battery pack, allows for portable operation; extensive alarm Apple Lossless; optional using a Web browser or iPeng iPhone app. cost extra, slightly more expensive than competing radios. To transmit stereo audio from a 3.5 mm jack to play on a pair of speakers.

The audio visualizer will be controlled via bandpass filters in series with peak detectors for each band of the audio visualizer.

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