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Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Deals & Review

Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Deals & Review,

With the Acer G226HQL 21.5 Inch, the company offers a monitor that at first glance has little to offer on the technical side with an IPS panel, a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, great brightness and a response time of five milliseconds. The company kindly provided us with the online deals website. Today's deals are the special 10 point touchscreen of the device in addition to the external appearance with the very slim pillar. The Acer G226HQL is aimed primarily at customers of the new Windows operating system, which was designed for the operation of touch devices. In addition to coping with our usual test course, the monitor must therefore also show whether it can be used productively in everyday life.

Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Deals & Review
Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Deals & Review

Productive In Everyday Life

Due to the unusual construction, the monitor can only be adjusted in its inclination, so it can neither be rotated nor changed in height. On the other hand, the inclination can be adjusted very much. 10 to 60 degrees to the rear are possible, so the monitor cannot be operated completely vertically. If you want to use the existing touch function, this is not recommended. The inclination is adjusted with both hands on the left and right of the monitor. The monitor is pressed down with your hands and can be adjusted. There are no snap-in points. When the monitor is lifted, it jumps back to the initial state of the minimum inclination.

On the side, it can be seen that the actually slim monitor was made significantly thicker in the middle. When viewed from the front, the power button and the mechanical buttons for the OSD as well as a status light are on the right. On the left side, three USB 3.0 ports have been placed slightly to the rear. The monitor emits no noise and is silent even when the ear is on. The power supply, on the other hand, generates a quiet whir during operation, which can only be heard at close range, since this is usually located under the desk, so this should not be critical either. However, the development of noise can be subject to a certain spread, which is why this assessment does not have to apply equally to all devices in a series.

Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch
Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch

The Monitor Is Very Suitable For Gamers

On the other hand, the monitor is very suitable for gamers in the USA. With small restrictions and hot deals, its even good for programmers. The Acer G226HQL 21.5 Inch offers a fast response time, very low latency, and hardly any streaks. The monitor is only recommended for PC viewing when viewing films. Unfortunately, there is neither 24Hz support nor a right to side rendering of 4: 3 material. Other extras that could be used to score points in this area are also missing.

We like the touch function very much, as long as the user has the option of using the monitor as flat as possible directly on the edge of the desk. The monitor looks like a large tablet, which has significantly more power and can be expanded by any application, but it is not mobile. Together with the new Windows operating system, the touch function is really fun.

As the Top Deals USA team, we will continue to introduce the best computers to you. You can easily buy the products you like through Amazon.

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